Sunday, October 10, 2010

On board

This wind has blown. Now, what can I say?

This is a journey where I went astray

The ropes are now cut, the ship has now moved

We have now crossed the maddening crowd..
When the cloud moved I turned around

I couldn’t find myself on board

I looked around raged and quailed

Standing inside a ship estranged

There, I behold my ship so far

Moving along like a sailing star

The one with a mast and sail I long

One where my heart and soul belong

I saw that my hands and legs are fixed

Though in a glue of scented gold.

I couldn’t move whatever I do

I cannot leave my sailors in woe.

That is a duty of captain in hull

Till I conclude my ride in a full

It is a drive with no return modes

Still there is hope far from these codes

There will be shore with mountains and hills

There will be seasons with cool raining drills

I will be free at the end of this ride...

Where i will see my love can abide

Still I perceive a rainbow ashore

Beckoning me to love evermore...

I have in me a heart profound

With Oceans of love it surround

I do believe that there will be pearls

If not in shore; under the whirls..!!!

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