Monday, May 24, 2010


Which is the strongest of the relations.. is it blood relation or friendship. It actually depends on situations and persons I suppose. All through my life I have thought about it, which goes something like this:
Blood relations are strong, we cannot deny it. I love my father mother brother or sister just because they are my family. it does not depend on how they are or what personality they have.. i love them in any case because they are my family. If I would have born some where else i may not love them as i do now (sentiments peeps in, troubling my heart...saying...i don't want to be born anywhere else..)Still that is the reason.If we are talking about married couples. A husband or wife get to love the other as they are now a part of one world..and feel that they cannot balance their world without each other. And kids....they are just like another love your kids coz you love cant do without loving them.. there you have your investment of love..all you do for them is out of love and love keeps on growing with them.
But what about friends....? It is true that time and space has brought them together.. but what is the relationship which make friends love each other....its is not because you are bound to do that.. its not just because we are in the same class( there are others too, and we may have friends out of our own class) it may not be always because we think alike( there are many who thinks like us .. or friends can be quite different in thinking) It is not because we think that the other will be with us all through( because we know we are bout to part some time or another). It has nothing to do with give and take...then what is this....? it is still a mystery which happens to everyone of us and true friendship is a real gift.. friends need not be physically together but there will be an invisible bond which ties them even when they are miles and miles apart. ist that wonderful....unconditional and

Philosophy of change

"Today is the only truth in your hand.. yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a mystery so enjoy your today be in your today" how often have we heard this philosophy, more than once for sure.. But has it affected us in any way.. here comes the big question of being open minded but naturally rational about the philosophies we come across..We are in the midst of an ocean of philosophies complimenting and contrasting each other. When coming across each one, we may feel this is true but moving away and stumbling on another our rationality gets a different twist. What we find or suppose as our common sense or rationality is a mere merge of millions of such philosophies either heard some where or formulated by ourselves. The ratio given to each of this philosophy determines what is our real outlook of the world, and what world really means to us. So isn't it better to change your philosophical ratio to make a better out look and there by a better world.