Monday, May 24, 2010

Philosophy of change

"Today is the only truth in your hand.. yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a mystery so enjoy your today be in your today" how often have we heard this philosophy, more than once for sure.. But has it affected us in any way.. here comes the big question of being open minded but naturally rational about the philosophies we come across..We are in the midst of an ocean of philosophies complimenting and contrasting each other. When coming across each one, we may feel this is true but moving away and stumbling on another our rationality gets a different twist. What we find or suppose as our common sense or rationality is a mere merge of millions of such philosophies either heard some where or formulated by ourselves. The ratio given to each of this philosophy determines what is our real outlook of the world, and what world really means to us. So isn't it better to change your philosophical ratio to make a better out look and there by a better world.

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