Sunday, June 06, 2010

The collision of Worlds

One of my friends had told me once, about the concept of each one having a  separate world. Each of us has a different world,with us being its center. Our world begins when we are born and ends when we die.
There is constant additions and subtraction to our world. While we are moving around, we meet people,  there is attractions between these moving worlds, some will collide with us sharing or leaving  some traces of his/her world into ours.. this creates a miniature or an image of his world in ours. the image may increase or decrease according to the frequency of influence or the wave strength. ( according to the contact). it just expands the content of our own world.. But when we get married a big collision or a big bang occurs merging of two worlds into one...our world will completely change or we change somebody else world. For those wifes who are not working the engulfing occurs almost fully. they hang on to the husbands world shouldering their own. As for the  husbands  it is only partial sharing . The wifes who are working also get a better potion to themselves.. but still there is always the husbands shadow in almost everything she does... what is this emotional dependence or just love??

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  1. Nice template and thank you for the comments!!! keep writing. All the emotional dependence comes from our very own survival instinct and nature's ongoing pull to nurture its species...