Sunday, June 06, 2010

When Things Fall Apart

We live in a space which we think or hope, will never fall apart. Only when a Major fissure appear or when our legs get stuck in a crack, does we realize the uncertainty of things around us. Accidents usually drag us into these kinds of thoughts such as' unpredictable nature of human life'. These accidents can be either physical or mental. Flow of time will wash away the residues of thoughts made by the physical accidents especially if they don't  involve us directly. But what about the mental ones? will they fade away? There comes a question about the ability of a mind to cop up with the thoughts or even generation of thoughts after a mental accident.
 First of all mental accidents always involve one directly.  Reason? simple, it can only happen in his mind. secondly the erase-ability of that incident depends on the surface of inscription itself,  in other words what is the point in trying to erase something from a surface when the surface itself is in shatter. The impact of a smaller mental accident just creates permanent wounds in mind. A shifting of space and time may change it a little bit, creating a semi permeable but  seemingly opaque membrane over the wound.but there is a constant threat of a seepage at any time. Things can fall apart any ware any time... be careful...
ALAS! what is the use in being careful...better we can look towards those who had mental a more compassionate empathetic way.

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